What Is A JimJam?

A JimJam is a fun way to raise money whilst wearing your pyjamas.

We have lots of ideas on how you can get involved and you will be helping to support The Walton Centre's Home from Home Appeal in the process! Here are some suggestions.

Why We Need Your Help

The Walton Centre needs to raise £500,000 through its 'Home from Home Appeal' by December 2014 to provide Relatives' Accommodation for families whose loved ones are undergoing lifesaving treatment at the hospital.

We want to provide eight en-suite bedrooms plus a living room with kitchenette, laundry and quiet room. This will give relatives the comforts of home while staying close to loved ones undergoing lifesaving treatment in our hospital.

Andy's Story

"Our band, Lawson, is named after Mr David Lawson, the consultant who looked after me at The Walton Centre.

"I was diagnosed with a tumour when I was 19 and I'll never be able to thank him enough for what he did for me. That's why Lawson is proud to support the Great British JimJam campaign!"

Twitter Feed

Thanks to Tangle Teezer for supporting the Great British JimJam

“We are delighted to help the Great British Jimjam because it is going to be a lot of fun – it puts the fun in fundraising and I think people will love having sleepovers and pyjama events!”

(Shaun Pulfry, Chief Executive)